Dawn and I were married in 1978 and always dreamed one day of owning cows and horses. I worked at a fertilizer and chemical retail plant right out of high school. A few years later the plant was offered to the managers, and I bought it.

   The business put our dreams on the back burner.   In 1995 the plant was somewhat established and my wife and I stuck our necks out and bought our home place and our first cows.  Since then we have grown to over 300 cows and several hundred acres of pasture & crop ground.

   We have learned a lot over the years still striving to raise the perfect cow herd.  Cows with good feet, structure,adequate numbers,big butts, clean front ends and good dispositions. A goal hard to achieve but a challenge to accede .  

   Over the years we have hand selected females from herds all over the country.  Take a look at our Donor line, you be the judge.  What has been the  most awarding is the people we have come to know from across the country.  Hard working folks making a living with their cattle.  We are humbled that these folks give us the opportunity to buy and use our products that hopefully improves their bottom line.  

    That is why we strive to raise the absolute best cows and bulls.  

              Its got to be good for both parties                            David & Dawn Cox

2014 Angus Journal Interview